MyPath Assessment Window FAQs

Question: My organization wants to make our Assessment 2 window last only four weeks. Will that cause any problems?  

Answer: It might, especially if some students tested in the second half of the first assessment window. Currently, there is a default waiting period of 45 days from the time each student finishes a MyPath Assessment and when they can test again. If the new assessment window does not allow enough time for students to finish their MyPath Assessment Window 1 tests and for 45 days to pass after that before Assessment Window 2 ends, then some students would be unable to complete assessments in the second window. For example: Assessment Window 1 ends on 11/30. Assessment Window 2 begins on 12/1 and the organization has edited its end date to 12/31. Students who finish their Window 1 assessment in mid-November will not be able to take the Assessment again in Window 2 as 45 days must pass between finishing one test and qualifying to take the next. However, organizations can customize the length of the waiting period for each assessment window not closed, allowing organizations more flexibility — such as creating a shorter-than-normal window to support a summer school implementation.  


Question: My organization currently has three windows; we want to delete the middle window but I don’t see the “remove” button for the middle window.  

Answer: Only the “last” window can be removed. Simply delete the bottom window, then adjust the dates of the remaining two windows to achieve the schedule that makes sense for your organization. 


Question: My organization deleted all but one of our windows. Now we want to add some back. Can we do that? 

Answer: Yes, at any time, admins can add new windows to their schedule until there are four. The only restrictions are that the start date of any newly added windows cannot be in the future, and the dates between existing windows and the windows being added must be contiguous. In other words, there can be no gap during which no window would apply. 


Question: My student started the MPA on 11/22 but didn’t finish the test. Our new test window started on 12/1, will my student have to start over?  

AnswerIf a student begins the first assessment but doesn’t finish it and it expires after the second window opens and the waiting period has lapsed, the student will be prompted to take the 2nd assessment and will have no data for the first assessment. If a student is actively taking an assessment, they won’t be kicked out. As long as they have started, the expiration resets.


Question: I know students' tests expire after 30 days. But what if the student is actively finishing the test at that time? 

AnswerIf a student begins the first assessment but doesn’t finish and it expires after the second window opens and the waiting period hasn’t lapsed, the student is prompted to take the first assessment again.


Question: Do educators or students receive a warning for students whose unfinished tests are approaching the 30th day?  

Answer: There is currently no feature that allows students or educators to see this information. Students who are active in MyPath K-12 for the recommended amount of time each week should complete the MPA within the 30-day period. Educators can help students by ensuring they are spending time in both Reading and Math each week. 


Question: How does updating a school's assessment window to be distinct from the district assessment windows impact the MyPath Assessment Report?

Answer: If a school within a district would like to update its assessment windows to be distinct from the district, the MyPath Assessment report will not update to show the school's distinct assessment windows. The report will only show the district's assessment windows within the aggregate views.


Question: I want my organization's third assessment window to last only three weeks. Can we do that? 

Answer:  Admins can edit their schedules to match the needs and goals of their organization, and edit the required waiting period between the schedules. A three-week window can definitely work and may be the right choice in some circumstances. But care should be taken if the organization is interested in making sure all students have the opportunity to test in that window. One issue that can arise in short assessment windows is students who start a test late in one test window might be ineligible to test in the next window if it is very short and the waiting period is not restricted. For example, imagine an organization has its second window close on May 1. If a student starts their Window 2 MPA on April 30, they have 30 days to complete that test. If the student finishes assessment 2 on May 5th and Window 3 has a 45-day waiting period, then the student wouldn’t be eligible to take the Window 3 test until mid-June. If Window 3 ended before mid-June, the student would be unable to test in Window 3. Best practices to avoid such circumstances include:  

  • Make sure students are logging in to MyPath K-12 every week and spending the recommended time on both subjects. 
  • If your organization needs shorter windows to meet its goals, be sure to also reduce the length of the waiting period for that shorter window.