Editing or removing a MyPath Assessment window

District Administrators can edit or remove MyPath assessment windows if MyPath Assessment has been turned on by Imagine Learning. Editing at the school level is reserved for internal users (WNE Users), so reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for assistance. Imagine Learning recommends students delay retaking an assessment for 45 days to demonstrate comprehension. Assessment windows are contiguous and do not allow gaps, so when one assessment window closes, the next window begins the next day. 

To edit or remove a MyPath assessment window

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. While on the Districts left navigation, choose Assessments in the upper navigation, then click Assessment Scheduling.

    Districts_assmnt sched.png

  3. Select Edit next to an assessment type.

    The Time Zone is available once Time Availability is set. time_zone_avail.png

  4. Edit the time or day for which assessments are available for students to access. You must unselect All Day to select a start and end time. Then, click Set to save the start/end times. One hour is the minimum length students can take an assessment. This allows restricting students from taking an assessment outside of school hours. 

    The time of day available is based on the time zone shown on this page. View the time zone for your organization in settings. 

    time avail_unsel all day upd.png

  5. To remove a MyPath Assessment window, scroll down and click Remove.
  6. Click Save at the top right of the screen.
    save upd.png