Adding a MyPath Assessment window

District Administrators can set and edit the start and end dates of assessment windows if MyPath Assessment has been turned on by Imagine Learning.

Students are prompted to take the MyPath Assessment multiple times during the year to allow the learning path to adjust based on student progress

An assessment window start date can only be edited if the window hasn't opened. An assessment window end date can only be edited if the window hasn't closed. Once the testing window date has been closed, it cannot be reopened.  

 Recommendations to consider

  • It is recommended that students delay retaking an assessment for 45 days to demonstrate comprehension. For example, students who completed an assessment on October 15 in the first assessment window cannot retest until December 30, even if the second assessment window displays a start date of December 1.
  • Including three or four assessment windows (a maximum of 4 assessment windows are supported during the school year) that are two to three months in length is advised, to allow time to measure student growth between tests. Assessment windows are contiguous and do not allow gaps, so when one assessment window closes, the next window begins the next day.

To add a MyPath assessment window:

  1. Login in the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. From the Districts left navigation, choose Assessments in the upper navigation, then click Assessment Scheduling.

    Districts_assmnt sched.png

  3. Select Edit next to an assessment type.

    Time Zone is available once Time Availability is set.

  4. Select the time and day for which assessments are available for students to access. One hour is the minimum length students can take an assessment. This allows restricting students from taking an assessment outside of school hours. The time of day available is based on the time zone shown on this page. View the time zone set for your organization in your organization's settings.

    mpa_time availability.png

    You must unselect All Day to select a start and end time for the selected days. Then, click Set to save the start/end times. 

    time avail_unsel all day upd.png

  5. Scroll to click Add Assessment Window.
    mpa add assmnt window.png
  6. Select the desired assessment dates, then click Save at the top right of the screen.
    District_add assmnt wind.png