Viewing Imagine Galileo Student Multi-Test Reports

Administrators and Teachers can use the Student Multi-Test report to compare an individual student’s performance on a series of tests that have been placed on a common scale. If your organization provided state test scores for forecasting, then the cut scores on the benchmark assessments are set to correspond to the cut scores on the state standardized test. The risk levels then indicate a student’s risk of not demonstrating proficiency on the next state standardized assessment and the Benchmark Performance Level report uses terminology similar to state testing reports.

To view Student Multi-Test Reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. ClickReports > Test Sets > Student Multi-Test.


  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, or other district- or school-level users with access to more than one school, select the applicable School to generate a report. If you are a Teacher, skip to step 5. 


  4. Select the applicable Class to generate a report. 


  5. Choose the applicable Student to generate a report or you can select All Students.


  6. Use the Library drop-down list to select the library that contains the applicable test(s) to generate a report.


  7. Double-click in the Select test box to select one or more tests, use the single right arrow (singleArrowMTR.png) to move a single test, or the double right arrows (doubleArrowCTR1.png) to move all tests. The selected test is moved to the Selected tests box. You can select up to three tests. If necessary, use the single up and/or single down arrow to re-arrange the test order. Use the X to remove the selected test from the Selected tests box.


  8. (Optional) If additional tests are in a different library, change the test Library and select those tests.
  9. Choose Display Risk Levels or Display Benchmark Performance Levels


    Term/Field Description
    Risk Levels Shows progress reflected in performance on a series of benchmark tests and is based on where a student's Development Level (DL) score falls relative to the Proficient cut score on each benchmark assessment taken. Since the tests have been placed on a common scale, the scores can be directly compared and an estimate can be generated related to each student’s risk level of not mastering their grade-level content.
    Benchmark Performance Levels Arranges student progress on a series of benchmark assessments that have been placed on a common scale. This report displays the student’s Development Level (DL) score and performance level relative to the cut score on each benchmark assessment taken. The cut scores on the benchmark assessments are set to correspond to the cut scores on the state standardized test. Students with scores at or above the passing cut score are classified as having met the standards on the benchmark test.
  10. Click Run Report


Benchmark Performance Levels

The Benchmark Performance Levels report presents a graph illustrating the student’s Developmental Level (DL) score on one or more tests as well as the cut scores that are used to classify students into performance levels for each test.


Risk Levels

The Risk Levels chart displays the student’s risk level based on their performance on the selected test(s). Risk levels are calculated based on the student’s performance on one or more benchmark assessments and indicate the level of risk of not mastering the grade-level standards.