Viewing Individual Development Summary Reports in Imagine Galileo

The Individual Development Summary shows Administrators and Teachers four scores that summarize student progress. Three of the scores are norm-referenced scores, and one of them is a path-referenced score. The Individual Development Summary provides the same information as the Development Summary report but disaggregates the data by a student on one or more tests.

To view Individual Development Summary reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Test Scores > Individual Development Summary.


  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, or other district- or school-level users with access to more than one school, select the applicable school to generate a report. If you are a Teacher skip to step 4.


  4. Select the applicable Class to generate a report.classIDS.png
  5. Select the applicable Student to generate a report.


  6. Use the Library drop-down to select the library that contains the applicable test to generate a report.


  7. Double-click in the Select test box to select one or more tests or use the single right arrow (sarrowIDS.png) to move a single test or double right arrows (darroowIDS.png) to move all tests. The selected test is moved to the Selected tests box. If necessary, use theĀ up or down arrows (varrows.png) to re-arrange the test order. Use the X to remove the selected test from the Selected tests box.


  8. (Optional) If additional tests are in a different library, change the test Library and select those tests.


  9. Click Run Report.


  10. An Individual Development Summary report opens in PDF format for the student you selected. The report provides a Developmental Level Score, Percentile Rank, Standard Score, and Normal Curve Equivalent Score for the tests you selected in steps 7 and 8.