Viewing Imagine Galileo Class Development Profile Grid Reports

Administrators and Teachers can use the Class Development Profile Grid to see the mastery category list of each student in a class on each standard that was tested on a selected assessment. Depending on the type of test for which you run the report, the test displays student Master Levels for specific standards or if a student has passed or failed particular standards. 

To view a Class Development Profile Grid report

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Standards Mastery > Class Development Profile Grid.


  3. District Administrators, School Administrators, and other District-level or School-level users with access to more than one school select the School for which you want to generate a report. Teachers and other Class-level users skip to step 4.


  4. Choose the Class for which you want to generate a report.


  5. Choose the Library that contains the test for which you want to run a report.


  6. Choose the Test for which you want to run a report.


  7. Choose the Achievement Level(s) you want to add to your report. Depending on the library and test you chose in steps 5 and 6, choose either Mastery, Approaching, Developing, or Emerging; or check Passing or Failing.  


  8. Click PDF or CSV (Excel-compatible format)


  9. Click Run Report.


  10. The Class Development Profile Grid provides the percentage of students from each mastery category or pass-fail category in addition to the achievement category of each student for the specific standard the test assessed.   cdpGridcdp.png