Viewing Imagine Galileo Benchmark Results by Group Reports

Administrators can use the Benchmark Results by Groups report to view a list of each benchmark test administered during a school year. The report includes the percentage and the total number of students who have passed or have not passed each benchmark test, and an Instructional Effectiveness (IE) assessment. The report also allows Administrators to see the percentage of students in specific subgroups that have passed the benchmark test. The user can create subgroups by selecting student variables from student information forms and display the disaggregated data side-by-side. The Benchmark Results by Group report only shows student achievement data for a single test.

To view the Benchmark Results by Group report

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo
  2. Click Reports > Standards Mastery > Benchmark Results by Groups.reports_benchmark_results_by_groups.png
  3. To run a report for an entire school, click School and use the drop-down menu to select the applicable school. 

    If you want to run a report for a class, select Class, and use the drop-down menu to select the applicable class.


  4. Use the Library drop-down to select the Assessment Planner that is associated with the test that you administered. 


    Use the ILD Assessment Planner for all ELA assessments.


  5. Use the Subject drop-down to select the applicable test name to generate a report.


  6. (Optional) Choose the Student Information filters to select the Form that contains the applicable fields for which to filter as you run the report.


  7. (Optional) Select Show percentage of students not passing to add the percentage of the students who have not passed the test.


  8. Click Run Report.


  9. The Benchmark Results by Group report displays the percentage of students that passed one or more benchmark tests along with the number of students that passed in parentheses. completeReport.png