Viewing the Imagine Galileo Class Test Scores Report

The Class Test Scores report highlights the highest and lowest score in the class, and the class average. It also shows each individual student’s test score presented as percent correct in addition to being presented as total points earned. You can use this report to discover specific information related to test items. You can view the total possible points listed for each test item and for the entire test. You can also identify the average percent correct per test item, and the total points earned by each student. The report provides users two options to view testing scores: a Class Score List and a Class Score Grid.

To view Class Test Score Reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Test Scores > Class Test Scores.


  3. If you are a District Administrator, School Administrator, or other District-level or School-level user with access to more than one school, select the school for which you wish to generate a report. If you are a Teacher or other class-level user, skip to step 4.


  4. Select the Class for which you want to generate a report.


  5. Select the Library that contains the test for which you want to generate a report.


  6. Double-click a Test to generate a report.


  7. Click Class Score List or Class Score Grid. (Optional) If generating the Class Score List, click Hide student names and only show student ID to create a report that only lists student ID numbers.


  8. Click Run Report.

Class Score List

The Class Score List Grid shows you the total number of students to complete the test, the number of test items, possible points on the test, and individual student scores. Click the studentID or Student Name to view the student's Assessment History. If you selected the Hide student names and only show student ID option in step 7, only the student ID appears in the report. Click the title of the test to view the test's Intervention Alert report. Click the # of Items to view the tests Item Analysis. classTestScoreReport.png

Class Score Grid

The Class Score Report opens in a PDF that provides users with a quick view of their student's performance. At the top of the report class statistics display. The report grid shows individual student testing data with item detail. This report can only be run for a single test due to the test item detail.