Scheduling a test

In order for a student to take either an online or offline test, the test must be scheduled.
Administrators or Test Coordinators will likely choose to schedule tests using the Bulk Scheduler tool and Teachers will schedule tests from the Teacher Dashboard. Once you have scheduled a test, you can edit or delete a scheduled test. A District Administrator should move Benchmark assessments from a secure test library to the appropriate Community Benchmark Library in order for test results to be accessible by users. Instructional Effectiveness benchmark tests should remain in the Imagine Learning delivered library.

To schedule a test

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Assessment > Test Scheduling > Class Calendar.Sched_a_test_HELP-2401upd.png
  3. Click Schedule > Test.


  4. Administrators, confirm where the test will be administered. Use the drop-down boxes to make changes. Teachers, skip to step 5. 


  5. Use the drop-down boxes to choose a Library and Test. Click Preview to preview the test.


    An asterisk will appear next to Imagine Learning pre-built formative test that you can schedule for your students.


  6. Use the drop-down box to choose an Instructor of Record.


  7. Choose when students will be able to access the test. You will only want to make it available for the amount of time that students will have available to take the test. If you make a test available for longer than that, a student could log into the system, retake the exam, or change his or her answers.


    How assessments are scheduled will impact the report results. It is ideal to schedule assessments only for the classes in which students will take the test. Limiting who is scheduled for a test will allow for a more accurate measure of participation.


  8. Choose Timed Test. If you choose to have a time test you can also choose to Allow Pause and the amount of time you want for the test. 


  9. Choose if you want to post student scores and/or post student responses. If you choose to post students' scores, select the date and time you want the scores and the responses posted.


  10. Choose the type of tools you would like to include for students to use.


    Imagine Learning recommends allowing students to use tools that they will have access to on the high-stakes tests they will take.


  11. Choose to enable Text-to-Speech to allow students to hear the instructions read aloud. Teachers can then choose to enable text-to-speech for all students in the class or select individual students, which displays the class roster to select students. Click x_button.png to close the window. HELP-2486_new_step11.png 


  12. Choose Allow translation into language of students' choice to include translations. Google translation is used for the test you are scheduling (online testing only). HELP-2486_schedtest_st12.png
  13. Use the checkboxes to apply any additional settings that you would like to apply. By default, no additional settings are applied.


    You should NOT randomize the order of test questions in the following test types. Tests that contain read-aloud test items, Technology Enhanced Early Learning Assessment Series, certain English College Prep benchmark tests, and Automated Scoring Key (ASK) tests.


    The option to assign tests to only students in the test grade level supports teachers who have mixed grade-level classes.


  14. Review all test settings, then click Save.clickSave.png
  15. You are returned to the Teacher Dashboard where the new test will appear on your calendar.