Viewing an Imagine Galileo Intervention Alert report

The Intervention Alert report lists all of the standards on a given assessment and displays the percentage of students who have demonstrated mastery of the standards. The standards listed that do not have 75%  of students mastering them are highlighted red. Users can schedule assignments or quizzes for a standard. The Intervention Alert report provides actionable data to assist in differentiating instruction and creating assessments to show growth or mastery of standards.  

To view an Intervention Alert report

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Reports > Standards Mastery > Intervention Alert.


  3. Choose Default or Intervention Group.


  4. If you selected Default, click the School or Class option and use the District, School, Library, Test, and Form drop-down lists to filter the report.


    If you selected Intervention Group, click the Library, Intervention Group, Library, and Test


  5. Click Run Report.


  6. Use the table below the report to learn about each section. 


    Section Description
    per_of_taken_galileo.png A ( bcheck_galileo.png ) indicates at least 75% of the students assigned to receive a test have completed it.  A ( rdash_galileo.png ) indicates that less than 75% of the students assigned to receive a test have not yet started or completed the test.
    profTable_galileo.png The student proficiency key helps you quickly scan the Intervention Alert report to view individual student test results.  
    protTableGoup_galileo.png The group proficiency key helps you quickly scan the Intervention Alert report to view group test results.
    itemCount_galileo.png Click Item count to view the test questions. Click the item number to see each test question and the academic standard the question is assessing. 


    You must have a Write or Read-Only permission level in the test library to view the test item. Users with the Results Only permission level cannot view the test item; they may see the test item’s learning standard. 

    numberofStudent_galileo.png  The Total Number of Students Meeting Standard shows how many students who have taken the test have earned scores that meet the academic standard.
    standardCheckbox_galileo.png The Standard column shows the academic standards being assessed on each test. Click the checkbox to create quizzes and schedule assignments aligned to the standard(s) selected. 
    quizBuilder_galileo.png Click Quiz Builder to access the Quiz Builder page. You can automatically generate up to a 5-item test for each selected standard.
    assignments_galileo.png Click Assignments to access the Assignment page. You can automatically generate assignments for each selected standard.