Viewing the Student Activity report in Imagine Math PreK-2

The Student Activity report provides at-a-glance statuses for student activity within Imagine Math. Administrators and Teachers can identify which students are logged into Imagine Math, which are logged out, and on which lesson, activity, and exercise the online students are working. The Student Activity report updates automatically every 10 seconds and you can refresh the report to update it more frequently if you want.

To view the Activity report in Imagine Math PreK-2:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2.  In the Reports section of the left navigation bar, select Activity.
  3. If you have only one classroom, the Activity report opens for that classroom. Otherwise, use the Classroom filter to select a classroom. (District administrators must select a school first and then a classroom.) 
  4. Logged In students display on one tab and Logged Out students display on the other tab.mceclip4.png


    You can also see which Imagine Math PreK-2 students are working on their Imagine Math Benchmark from this report. (Does not apply to students taking the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment.)

  5. Click the arrow to reveal more information about any student who is logged in and working on a lesson or Benchmark.


    When students are in the Map, no additional information displays about the particular Map location

  6. The activity that the student is working on displays along with the specific item (exercise)


    You can view the students' activities and exercises in the Lesson Explorer.

  7. As students log in and out of Imagine Math, they move between the Logged In and Logged Out tabs.


    Student Math Time only accumulates for students who are actively learning and completing math problems and lessons. Students who close the browser without properly logging out of Imagine Math may appear as logged in for up to 70 seconds until we've detected an abandoned session. For more information, see How Math time is calculated in Imagine Math PreK-2.