How usage time is calculated in Imagine Math PreK-2

The recommended usage time for Imagine Math PreK-2 is 45 minutes per week, which should result in completing two to three lessons within that week. The program keeps track of each student's time and displays it in the Usage report.


The columns Usage: School Time and Usage: Home Time display in the report by default. Customize the report to add the Usage: Total Math Time column, and select the Date range of Last 7 Days to see which students met the goal of 45 minutes per week.

Usage time begins accumulating while a student is working on an exercise in a lesson or the Imagine Math Benchmark and is credited to the student's account once they complete the exercise. A timer starts once the student's exercise has loaded, and after the student answers the question and clicks the  arrow, the amount of time spent on that exercise is saved and the timer resets. This continues for each exercise until the student exits the program or has gone idle for 10 minutes. If the student exits the program in the middle of an exercise, the time they've spent working on the uncompleted exercise will not be added to their usage total.  


The following actions are not recorded as usage time in Imagine Math PreK-2:

  • The time students spend on the map and in any reward areas 
  • The time the program spends loading the exercises
  • The time students spend on exercises which are not completed before logging out or going idle
  • The time NWEA students spend taking the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment