Getting Started with Imagine Math

Imagine Math personalizes learning and engages students in a meaningful exploration of mathematical understanding. An emphasis on academic discourse empowers learners to apply reasoning and critical thinking skills and sets them up for future successes in school and beyond.

To get the best experience in Imagine Math, we recommend the following Best Practices:

  • Dedicated computer time (lab schedule or computer cart schedule)
  • 60-90 minutes of use (cumulative) per week
  • Goal setting - complete and pass 2-3 lessons per week
  • Motivation Plan outlined and explained to students (extra incentives)
  • Expectations outlined, explained to students, and displayed in class
  • Required use and regular review of an Imagine Math Notebook/Journal
  • Headsets for students needing audio assistance
  • Regular review of student data
  • Regular consultation with students regarding individual progress in Imagine Math
  • Encouragement to use Math Help where available in the program

Refer to the following topics for more information on setting up and getting started with Imagine Math:

  • Imagine Math System Requirements - To use Imagine Math successfully, your network bandwidth and device hardware must meet the minimum system requirements. 
  • Flexible Implementation - Imagine Math can support in-person, hybrid, and virtual implementation models. 
  • Think 30! - As students work through lessons, they earn think points. THINK points are awarded for completing lessons, and additional THINK points are awarded for performing well on the lesson. Students can use their think points to design their avatar, donate to classroom goals, or to donate to charity. 
  • NWEA Implementation - Imagine Math offers NWEA MAP Growth assessment automated integration that uses student testing data to create personalized pathways for students. 

For more information and/or help, contact your dedicated Imagine Learning Customer Success Manager.