Overview of Imagine Math 3+ Reports

Imagine Math provides a multitude of data on how your students are progressing through their lesson pathways as they correlate to your state's standards or the Common Core State Standards.  Once you've implemented Imagine Math, you will want to visit the reports section to review students' progress and make educational decisions on next steps for your students - and we want you to be informed! 

Below are some data points to take into consideration:

a. Student Journal/Notebooks

  • Review on a regular basis to check student progress
  • Use as a communication tool for areas of struggle 

b.  Overview Report

  • Monitor cumulative work per class, per student
  • Monitor quality work as well as quantity of work
  • Identify struggling students and students with 'guessing' behaviors 

c.  Student Progress Report

  • Monitor progress per pathway
  • Use as talking points with students/parents to highlight successes and areas of weakness 

d.  Mastery Report

  • Use to guide with grouping students for RTI
  • Use to identify concepts that may need reviewed/retaught