Changing class settings in the Imagine Math suite


This article applies to Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts.

As a District Administrator, School Administrator, or Teacher, you can change one or more additional class settings for any classes that are using Imagine Math Grade 3+, Imagine Math Facts, or both products. You can enable or disable the use of the built-in calculator, allow Imagine Math to manage pathway enrollments, and enable or disable sounds effects while students are working on math lessons. By default, these settings are automatically enabled when you create a new class, but you can change them at any time.

You can also restrict avatar building and accessory purchases during specific days and times for this class. District Administrators and School Administrators can also assign and unassign teachers for the class when they edit class settings.  


If your school or district has purchased both Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts, you'll see class settings for both products. If your school or district has only purchased Imagine Math Facts, you'll only see class settings for Imagine Math Facts. 

To change class settings:

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math suite.
  2. If you are a District Administrator, click Management > Schools in the navigation pane, find your school, then click Classes under the Actions column.

    If you are a School Administrator or Educator, click Management > Classrooms in the navigation pane.

  3. Locate the class you want to change settings for, then click Edit Classroom.


  4. Check the box for each Imagine Math setting that you want to apply.


    Setting Description
    Avatar Settings

    Specifies the days and times when students are restricted from building their avatar or purchasing accessories. (For more information, see Restricting avatar building and accessory purchases (Grade 3+ only).

    Allow students in this class to use the built-in calculator?

    Allows students to use the built-in calculator for math problems. 


    Even if you disable the built-in calculator, it will still appear for some items on the Benchmark assessment where it has been deemed necessary by our partner, MetaMetrics.

    Allow Imagine math to manage pathway enrollments?

    Checks whether a student's default grade level pathway has been automatically assigned to them the first time the student enters the classroom. If it hasn't been assigned to them, Imagine Math automatically assigns the pathway to the student.

    If this setting is disabled, Imagine Math doesn't check the student's default grade level pathway or make any pathway assignments.

    Enable sound effects while students are doing math? Allows sound effects to play during math practice sessions. 
    Active Activates or deactivates the class. Classes that are active are visible to students and students in those classes can log in to Imagine Math Grade 3+. (For more information, see Activating or deactivating a class.)
  5. If your class is using Imagine Math Facts, check the box for each class setting that you want to apply.


    Setting Description
    Operation Ordering Specifies that students must pass an operation with 90% or greater on the post-test before they can move on to the next operation, and the order in which students complete different operations. By default, the order of operations is: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    You can rearrange the operations in the order that you want students to complete them. To reorder the operations, click the left or right arrow to move an operation one position to the left or right.


    Friendly Mode Enables or disables Friendly Mode. In Friendly Mode, most enemies won't attack the student's avatar if they answer a question incorrectly, and if they do attack, the enemies won't cause any damage.
  6. If you are a District or School Administrator, you can add or remove teachers from this class:


    • To add a teacher, click Add (mceclip0.png) or click and drag the teacher name from Available Teachers list to Selected Teachers list. 
    • To remove a teacher, click Remove (mceclip1.png) or click and drag the teacher name from Selected Teachers list to Available Teachers list.
  7. Click Save.