Overview of Imagine Language & Literacy reports

As you implement Imagine Language & Literacy (IL&L), there are several reports available to help you review student performance and make educational decisions on next steps for your students. 


All reports should update to reflect student activity/usage within 1 hour.

Below is a summary of each report:

a.  Usage Report

  • View students' current actual usage time in IL&L for this school year as well as their predicted usage time by the end of the year
  • Compare actual usage time to the usage goal 

b.  Progress by Lesson Report

  • View which lessons students have skipped (tested out of), finished, and are currently working 
  • For completed lessons, view lesson details such as date completed, time spent on each lesson, and whether it was passed 

c. Skills Inventory Report

  • Identify opportunities for targeted review and intervention
  • View student scores on skill assessments, and, in some cases, specific vocabulary words or other skills that students may or may not comprehend

d. Benchmark Report (Does not apply to NWEA™ or Imagine Galileo ELA users)

  • Monitor Benchmark completion metrics
  • Compare students' latest Benchmark results with their Placement test results as well as prior Benchmark results within the same school year
  • Compare students' actual growth against expected growth

e. Reading Level Assessment (RLA) Report (if enabled for your organization)

  • Monitor RLA completion metrics
  • Compare students' latest Lexile® measures to prior Lexile measures within the same school year 
  • Compare students' Lexile measures to the expected ranges for their grade level

f.  Scaled Score Report

  • Measure growth over time based on student performance in the IL&L curriculum

g. Kindergarten Readiness Report (PreK students only)

  • Track students' exposure to skills they will encounter in Kindergarten  

h. Program Level Gains Report (Administrators only)

  • View students' current placement in the curriculum as compared to their starting point in the curriculum at the beginning of this academic year
  • Identify the numbers and percentages of students working above, on, or below grade level 
  • See the average number of Literacy, Grammar, and Oral Vocabulary lessons passed per active student

i. Cumulative Performance Report (Administrators only)

  • Export assessment, performance and usage data into a CSV file in highly customizable way