Creating playlists in Imagine Language & Literacy

A playlist is a customized set of activities that Teachers and Administrators can create and assign to one or more students for extra practice or intervention. While most educators use playlists to provide targeted instruction and reinforcement to students who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in a specific skill or academic standard, they can also be created based on student interests or to challenge students with more difficult material if you feel they are ready for it.

You can only create playlists for students in groups to which you are assigned, and playlists can contain a maximum of 12 activities. 

There are 2 places to create playlists in Imagine Language & Literacy—via the Action Areas Tool or via the Activity Explorer. The differences between each starting point are defined below.

Location Description
Action Areas Tool Provides recommended activities to students who demonstrate a need for them. You create the list of activities and assign students to them right from the Action Areas Tool.
Activity Explorer From within the Activity Explorer, you select from all of the available digital activities to create a truly custom set of activities in the playlist. You then visit My Playlists to assign students to the playlist as a separate step. 

Once you assign a playlist, you can't edit the playlist or change the activities in it.

Student experience in playlists

When students are assigned a playlist, it overrides their learning sequence. They will begin working on the playlist immediately, provided they aren't in the middle of an activity or a Benchmark assessment. If students do have work in progress, they'll finish that activity or assessment first and then be given the playlist activities. The transition is seamless and students will not be aware that they are completing a playlist instead of their sequential learning path activities unless you tell them.

After students complete the last activity in a playlist, they return to their normal activity sequence.

Students can be assigned to 1 playlist at a time. If a student is assigned to a playlist and you assign them to a second playlist, they will immediately begin working on the second playlist—regardless of how much work they did in the first playlist.


  • If are an Administrator, you must be assigned to a group before you can create playlists for students in that group. The playlist option in the Activity Explorer will not be available if you don't have any groups assigned to you.
  • Once you add students to a playlist, you can't add or remove activities or reorder the activities in the playlist.
  • Scoring data for Playlist activities must be viewed in the Playlist report.
  • When the school's data is reset at the end of the school year, students are unassigned from the playlists. However, the playlists themselves are kept as long as the teacher accounts are not deleted. This ensures that teachers can assign the group of activities to their new students in the upcoming year.

Click on a tab below to learn how to create a playlist from that starting location.

Action Areas Tool Activity Explorer

To create a playlist from the Action Areas Tool:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. If you have more than 1 group, select a group.
  3. Click Action Areas in the upper navigation bar.

  4. Use the filters to find students who need extra practice activities. Refer to Using the Action Areas Tool to provide intervention for details on the different views available in the Action Areas Tool. You can filter by students, skills, or standards.

  5. Click Open Intervention Tools.

  6. The digital activities related to the skill or standard display; use the checkboxes to select 1 or more activities to add to the playlist. You can add 12 or fewer activities to a playlist.
  7. Click the Select Students drop-down list to choose the students to whom you wish to assign the activities. You can select all students from the list or individual students.


    If you see the Curriculum icon (iconEndofContent.png), this means that the student has completed all of the available curriculum for this skill (including remediation), but still needs additional support. 
    This icon means that the student is already assigned to a playlist. However, you can switch the student from their previous playlist to the new playlist you are now creating.

  8. Type a name for your playlist in the Name Playlist field.
  9. Click Create & Assign Playlist.
  10. If a student has already been assigned a playlist, you'll see this warning. Click Cancel if you don't want to move students to the new playlist. Otherwise, click Move Students to switch students to the new playlist.

  11. After you assign a playlist to students, you'll see this confirmation message. 

    Click the playlist name in the confirmation message to see your newly created playlist.