Viewing the My Playlist report in Imagine Language & Literacy

Administrators and Teachers can use the My Playlist report to view their students' playlist progress for all groups to which they are assigned. You can view progress information for individual students or activities or average scores for all students assigned to the playlist.

You can also add or remove students from a playlist from the report.

The My Playlist report is updated in real time and contains 3 sections: Students, Activities, and Previously Assigned Students.


Administrators can only view the Playlist report if they have a group assigned to them.

To view the My Playlist report:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click Activity Explorer > My Playlists in the upper navigation bar.

  3. Click the title of the playlist for which you want to view student progress. 

The columns in this page are:

Column Description
studentscompleted.png Displays the number of students who have completed the playlist compared to the number of students assigned to the playlist. 
StudentsPassed.png Displays the number of students who have completed and passed the activities in the playlist compared to the number of students assigned to the playlist.
AverageScore.png Displays the average student score for students that have completed the playlist. Two dashes display (--) if no students have completed the playlist yet.

The report opens with a section for Students, a section for Activities, and a section for Previously Assigned Students.

Students section

The Students section shows how each student assigned to the playlist is performing in the activities.

Column Description

The name of the student assigned to the playlist. Click the student's name to view their score on each activity.

Scores are color-coded according to the legend at the top of the page.


A green checkmark indicates when a student completes a non-scored activity (Activity type = Practice, Instruction, or Review). When the Activity type is a mastery check form of Assessment, and the student has mastered the content, the green check will also display. Non-scored activities do not impact a student's average score.

Average Score

Each student's average score for the activities that they have completed in the playlist. Scores are color-coded according to the legend at the top of the page. 

Activities Completed Activities Completed compares the number of activities that the student has completed to the number of assigned activities in the playlist.
Time Spent in Playlist Time Spent in Playlist shows the amount of time (in minutes) that the student has spent working in this playlist.
Date Assigned

Date Assigned shows the date that the student was assigned to the playlist.

Activities section

The Activities section lists each activity in the playlist and the average score for students who've completed that activity. Beneath each score, it shows the number of students who have completed the activity compared to the number of students who are assigned to the playlist.

Hover over the Average Score to see individual scores instead of the average.

Click the plus sign to expand each activity to show the activity type (Instruction, Practice, Assessment, or Review), running time, learning objective, and gameplay description for the activity. Click the thumbnail of the activity or the View Activity link to preview the activity.


You can't edit a playlist if the playlist has students assigned to it. The Locked icon (lockLL.png) appears next to any playlist that you can't edit.

Previously Assigned Students section

The Previously Assigned Students section shows the students who were initially assigned to the playlist and completed at least 1 activity, but were later unassigned from the playlist and/or moved to another playlist. 


If students are unassigned and reassigned more than one time, this section of the report serves as a running record of each unassignment.