Creating a new playlist from the Action Areas Tool


Administrators and Educators can use the Action Areas Tool to create and assign new playlists to students who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in a specific skill area. A playlist is a group of activities that you assign to a student or group that they can play through for targeted instruction and practice. You can create playlists for a group or individual students by choosing from a recommended list of activities for specific skill areas. Administrators and Educators can only create playlists for students or groups that are assigned to them. 

Students can only be assigned to 1 active playlist at a time. If a student is assigned to a playlist and you assign them to a second playlist, they will immediately begin working on the second playlist—regardless of how much work they did in the first playlist. Once you assign a playlist, you can't edit the playlist or change the activities in it.

After you assign a playlist to a student, they will start working on it as soon as they finish their current activity. Playlists can contain a maximum of 12 activities. After students complete the last activity in a playlist, they return to their normal activity sequence.

To create a playlist from the Action Areas Tool

  1. Log in to the Literacy Suite. If this is your first time logging in, choose Imagine Language & Literacy.


  2. Click Action Areas in the upper navigation bar.


  3. Under All Skill Areas in the navigation pane, click a skill area. Numbers (greyBalloonLL.png) next to each skill area indicate how many students you need to focus on for that skill area. You can view the report by Skill or by Students who are struggling with that skill. The Skill view shows you which students to focus on for that skill. The Student view shows you which skills individual students need to focus on. 


  4. Click Open Intervention Tools.


  5. Click the Select Students drop-down list to choose the students that you want to assign activities to. You can select all students from the list or individual students. 


  6. Choose the activities that you want to assign to your students. You can choose up to 12 activities for each playlist.


  7. Type a name for your playlist in the Name Playlist field, then click Create & Assign Playlist


  8. If a student has already been assigned a playlist, you'll see this warning. Click Cancel if you don't want to move students to the new playlist. Click Move Students to move students to the new playlist.



  9. After you assign a playlist to students, you'll see this confirmation message. Click the playlist name in the confirmation message to see your newly created playlist.