Using the Action Areas Tool to provide intervention in Imagine Language & Literacy

The Action Areas Tool is an interactive tool for Teachers and Administrators that identifies the skills and academic standards where your students need additional support and then provides suggested remediation activities to help these students. Students are listed in the tool when they score less than 75% correct on at least 3 activities that assess a particular skill.

From within the tool, you can access printouts and digital activities to reteach, reinforce, and intervene with your students for that skill or academic standard. You can also create and assign a playlist of activities from the Action Areas Tool to assign these students additional practice within Imagine Language & Literacy. 

You can print information from the Action Areas Tool for record-keeping purposes.


If you don't have any groups assigned to you or if you don't have any students assigned to your groups, you won't see any student data in the Action Areas Tool.

To identify students who need additional support:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. If you have more than one group, select a group.
  3. Click Action Areas in the upper navigation pane.

  4. In a new tab, the Action Areas Tool opens for your group. If desired, filter the results that display by making a different selection in the Student Group and/or Time Period filters. The default time period is the last 30 days.


    District Administrators will have an additional filter for Organization, from which you can select a school.

  5. The View By filter defaults to Skills. If desired, you can change it to Students or any of the Standards associated with your account. This includes Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or your state-specific standards alignment, WIDA, DIBELS, and also any additional available alignments your organization has requested at the district level (such as ELPA21). 

    Click the name of a view below to see an example and learn more.
    Skills View
    There is a box for each skill area. Students needing help with that skill are listed in the box with their cumulative score on all activities for that skill area that they have encountered so far.
    AAT Skills.png
    Students View
    There is a box for each student. The box contains a list of the skill names for which the student has unfinished learning, along with the student's cumulative score on the activities they've completed so far in that skill area.


    After you've clicked on an Open Intervention Tools hyperlink, if no intervention activities are suggested for that student, use the Filter by Specific Skill drop-down menu and select each skill individually to see the activities for each skill. The skills are listed in alphabetical order rather than by degree of difficulty for the student. 

    Standards View
    There is a box for each standard. The box contains the definition of the standard and a row for each skill associated with the standard. Hover over the number of students in each row to see the names of the students who need extra practice with this standard. The example below is for the Common Core State Standards. 


    If you see the caution icon (iconEndofContent.png) next to a student's name, this means that the student has completed all of the available curriculum for this skill (including remediation), and still needs additional support.

  6. Use the All Skill Areas sidebar on the left to further refine your results.
    The number at the top (10, in the example below) shows the the total number of students who need assistance. The number in each Skill Area shows the number of students who need help in that particular area. In most cases, the number of students in each skill area combined exceeds the total number of students who need help because the same students often need help in more than 1 area.
    Expand and contract the sections as desired using the arrows.

  7. At any time, click Print to print your current view of the Action Areas Tool.


    Depending on which web browser you're using, you may need to enable your browser to print background images in order to print information from the Action Areas Tool successfully.

  8. From any view, click Open Intervention Tools to see details, printouts, and activities to help provide intervention for that skill or academic standard.
  9. The Intervention Tools page opens. From here you can see the list of recommended activities to use with these students. Click an activity thumbnail to load a digital activity, then click the pulsating play button to start it. 


    • During small group rotations, form a group of the students listed in the Students to Focus On section in the top left corner of the page and play the activity using Teacher Presentation Mode. Discuss the activity with your students and correct any misunderstandings or misconceptions the students still have.
    • Provide opportunities for individual practice by creating a playlist from the Action Areas Tool. This will insert additional digital activities for this skill area into the student's personalized learning path as soon as they finish any activity they may have been in the middle of when they last logged out of Imagine Language & Literacy.
    • Many of the activities have additional PDF resources called Printouts. Print these resources for your students and assign them as homework or classwork. 
    The sections of the Intervention Tools page are as follows:
    Section Description
    Students to Focus On Lists the students who need additional support for a specific skill or academic standard. Click the student name to see the specific skills with which they need help. 
    Skill Levels Lists the specific skills with which students are struggling. Click the skill level to see which students need additional support.
    Skill Details Displays a detailed description of the skill and what students are expected to demonstrate to be proficient.
    Filter by Student Use this filter to narrow the display to a specific student.
    Filter by Specific Skill Use this filter to narrow the display to a specific skill.
    Create and Assign an Activity Playlist

    Allows you to create an activity playlist from the suggested list of Imagine Language & Literacy activities in this section and assign the activity playlist to the students you've selected.

    Click More Details to learn more about each activity or click the activity thumbnail to launch the activity.

    Use Printouts

    Provides printouts that teach and support this skill or academic standard. Click the printout to download it.


    Printouts are not available for every skill or academic standard.

    Click Go to Teacher Resources to see all the available offline materials for Imagine Language & Literacy.