Previewing activities in the Activity Explorer in Imagine Language & Literacy

Teachers and Administrators can use the Activity Explorer in Imagine Language & Literacy to preview student activities and locate activities to use during whole-class instruction or individual intervention. You can also assign activities to student playlists directly from the Activity Explorer.

The activities are organized in tile view by curriculum area. The filter on the left navigation bar sub-divides each curriculum area by grade level


The following curriculum areas are not available in Activity Explorer at this time:

  • Decodable Words
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Academic Vocabulary

Activity Explorer offers similar content to Lesson Explorer, but the activities are listed by skill area without the larger context of the entire lesson. Therefore, the following curriculum areas are only available in Activity Explorer because they are not automatically included as part of any lesson:

  • Oral Reading Fluency cold reads
  • Tutorials - practice using a mouse and trackpad; learn about Imagine Island and Imagine Museum
  • Test Readiness - practice listening comprehension and reading comprehension

Tutorials and Test Readiness are not automatically assigned to students via their learning paths. They are available to be assigned to students who may need them, or to be used for whole-class demonstration, especially at the beginning of your Imagine Language & Literacy implementation.

To find activities in the Activity Explorer:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click the arrow by Activity Explorer and select Activity Explorer in the top navigation bar.

  3. Click the tile of the applicable curriculum area where you want to find activities, or search for an activity in the What are you teaching today? search box


    Use the simplest exact match when using the search box. For example, to find the book "No, No, Baby Sue", type "baby sue" without punctuation.

  4. Most activities are filtered by grade level. As applicable, select a grade level. Click a tile to view the activities.

  5. Click Details to view the Learning Objective and Gameplay Description. Click the title of the activity you want to view. 

  6. The activity opens in a new tab. Click the pulsating play button to launch the activity.


    You can preview some activities with language support enabled.