Previewing activities in the Lesson Explorer in Imagine Language & Literacy

Teachers and Administrators can use the Lesson Explorer in Imagine Language & Literacy to preview students' lessons and locate activities to use during whole-class instruction or individual intervention.

The lessons are organized in list view by curriculum area; many are sub-divided by grade level. The activities in each lesson are grouped together in the context of the entire lesson. For example, in Books by Lexile, you see not only the book itself but also all of the associated writing and vocabulary activities connected with the text. The activities are listed in the order most students will encounter them.
books by lexile.png


Lesson Explorer offers similar content to Activity Explorer. However, the following curriculum areas are ONLY available in Lesson Explorer:

  • Decodable Words
  • Reading Vocabulary
  • Academic Vocabulary

To find activities in the Lesson Explorer:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click Teacher Resources in the navigation bar.

  3. The page opens in a new tab. Click Lesson Explorer.
  4. Click the curriculum area where you want to find activities.

    print concepts.png

  5. Click the lesson name to display the activities in that lesson.


    From Lesson Explorer, we can see that the letters A and M are taught together in the same lesson. This context is not available in the Activity Explorer, where activities for letter A are listed separately from activities for letter M.

  6. Click on the thumbnail of the activity you want to view. 

  7. The activity opens in a new tab. Click the pulsating play button to launch the activity.