Reassigning Benchmark tests in Imagine Math


This article applies only to students using the embedded Imagine Math Benchmarks. The information in this article does not apply to students taking the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment.


The actions in this article can be taken by Teachers and School Administrators. District Administrators and Customer Administrators do not have access to the Benchmark Roster needed to perform these actions.

Students should complete the Benchmark tests independently and without rushing through them. If they receive assistance or don't take the test seriously, their score may be inappropriate for their skill level. By extension, their pathway lessons could be too easy or too difficult for them. If you believe this is the case, you can reassign the Benchmark and have the student retake it


Once you reassign a Benchmark to a student, the student's most recent Benchmark test score is removed and cannot be restored.

Reassigning a Benchmark test will:

  • Remove the most recent Benchmark test score from any reports.
  • Administer the Benchmark test to the student the next time they log in. 
  • Potentially modify the lessons in the student's pathway by adding or removing remediation lessons based on the new Benchmark score.

The process of reassigning Benchmarks varies slightly between Benchmark 1 and Benchmarks 2 and 3. Click on the applicable tab below to view the steps to reassign each Benchmark.

Benchmark 1 Benchmarks 2 and 3

To reassign Benchmark 1:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. In the Management section of the left navigation pane, select Benchmark Roster.


  3. As applicable: Use the drop-down menus at the top of the page to find the student whose Benchmark you want to reassign. You can also search for a specific student by typing their name in the Search box.

    Drop-down menus for School Administrators:
    An additional Classroom drop-down menu appears once you make a selection in the Teacher menu.

    Drop-down menus for Teachers:
  4. Click Reassign in the Benchmark 1 column of the applicable student. Reassignments must be performed at the individual student level. 


  5. In the window that opens, click Reassign to confirm your action.


    You'll see a message at the top of the screen saying that the Benchmark has been reassigned. It will be available for the student the next time they log in to Imagine Math (or after they finish the question they are working on if they are already logged in.)