Redeeming THINK Points to donate to the classroom goal (Imagine Math 3+ students)

Imagine Math 3+ students can choose to spend their THINK Points on designing their avatars, donating to the classroom goal, or giving to charity

To donate to the classroom goal:

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math student dashboard.
  2. Click Redeem at the top of the dashboard.


  3. Click Give to Your Class.



    You must have at least 1,000 points in order to donate. Your teacher or administrator must also have created a classroom goal. If you don't see the Give to Your Class tab, ask your teacher to create a classroom goal.

  4. Use the plus sign or the slider to select how many points you wish to donate (in increments of 1,000); then click Give


  5. Click YES to confirm your donation.
  6. Click CLOSE in the confirmation window.
  7. Return to the Give to Your Class tab to view the updated class progress toward the goal.


  8. Return to the Home tab and you'll see the updated total on the dashboard, too.