Restricting avatar building in Imagine Math 3+

Administrators and Teachers can restrict the times that students can design their avatars and purchase avatar accessories. When you restrict avatar building, you choose the class to which you want to apply the restrictions as well as the days and times to restrict access. During the days and times you specify, students in the class will be unable to access their avatars, regardless of which class they attend during that time frame. 


Avatar restrictions are applied at the class level, and these restrictions affect all students in the class. If your students are assigned to other classes, they will be restricted from building their avatar and purchasing accessories during the day(s) and time(s) you specify for those classes as well. Use caution when setting restrictions if any students in your class are assigned to multiple classes.

To restrict avatar and accessory purchases:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. If you are a School Administrator or Teacher, click Management > Classrooms in the left navigation pane.


    District Administrators: Click Management > Schools in the left navigation pane, then click Classes for the applicable school. 

    Customer Administrators
    : Click Management > Organizations in the left navigation pane, click Schools by the applicable district, then click Classes for the applicable school. 

  3. Locate the class for which you want to restrict avatar building, then click Edit Classroom.

  4. In the Avatar Settings section, set the days and times to restrict avatar availability. Check the box in the Restrict Access column for each day that students should not be allowed to work on their avatars. Use the drop-down arrows to specify the Start Time and End Time (hour, minute, and AM or PM) for each day, then click Save.

  5. Receive a confirmation at the top of the page.


To change other class settings, see Changing class settings in the Imagine Math suite.