Viewing student placement for a class


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

Teachers can view the learning path grade placement of students. If a student retakes an assessment, the placement date updates to display the latest date the assessment was taken, including the updated score. Note that only math and reading use assessments for placement.

Options for the Source field (shows how the student was placed):  

      • MyPath – IL in-house MyPath Assessment
      • NWEA – Third-party assessment partnership 
      • Renaissance – Third-party assessment partnership 
      • Manual – Educators manually place students 
      • System – Students are automatically placed in their grade level when Purpose and Science are enabled for their class

To access the report at the school level: 

Teacher School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Select the class of interest on the Classes screen.

Continue with the following: 

  1. Select Student Placement on the upper navigation bar.
  2. View the placement grade for each student.


    The Placement Date for NWEA and Renaissance student placements shows the date the placement was generated for the student, based on assessment results. This date is updated accordingly if NWEA or Renaissance placements are updated during the school year and synced by an administrator.

    student_placement.pngOptionally, sort the list of students using Filters.


    Click here to view available Filters
    Filter Description
    Grade Level Filters by the student's current grade or all grade levels.
    Placement Grade Filters by the student's grade level based on placement within the program. 
    Placement Filters by a student's placement compared to their current grade level. 
    Subject Filters by core subjects Math, Reading, or both.
    Status Filters by a student's status in the MyPath program. 
    Source Filters by how students' data has entered the system.
    On Grade Level Filters students by current chronological grade level.
    Above Grade Level Filters students placed above their grade level.
  3. If an assessment is invalidated ( invalidated_icon_retesting.png ), due to the student in the process of retesting, the Placement grade, Source, and Placement Date are grayed. 


    This refers ONLY to the MyPath assessment.