Using Imagine MyPath with NWEA

Imagine MyPath is compatible with third-party integration to help create individual learning paths for student's based on assessment scores. For NWEA integration, MyPath uses NWEA MAP growth test results to determine student placement.

The student’s NWEA results are matched according to the District or School Business Identifier (BID). If NWEA is enabled for the District using the District BID, the student’s NWEA placement will be available across any school within that district. If only certain school BIDs are enabled, then NWEA Placements will generate for any student NWEA IDs linked to those school BIDs. If the student BID associated with the NWEA assessment is not enabled, and the District BID is not enabled, then the NWEA Placement will not be found.

When an educator adds an NWEA ID for a student, databases likely will only take a few minutes to find the NWEA results and generate the placement. As long as the NWEA results are in the database from the initial sync for the school or district, no overnight wait is needed when applying an NWEA ID for an individual student.

The automated sync can take up to three days to update student placements after students take a new NWEA assessment.

Imagine MyPath and NWEA Integration

The Imagine MyPath program only aligns with the NWEA MAP growth tests. Any subject-specific NWEA assessment scores will not return a grade-level equivalent. For example, what a student scores on a Geometry assessment will not equate to how a student scores overall in 10th grade. If an educator or admin used a subject-specific NWEA score, they can:

  • have the students take the MAP Growth assessment so they can be placed using those assessment results
  • have the students take a MyPath Assessment for placement
  • manually place the student on-level (9th grader = 9th grade placement) and have the MyPath program adaptivity/educators adjust placements from there

For more information about Assessing, visit MyPath: Assessing.