Language support in Imagine Español

Imagine Español provides 2 different types of language support—audio language support and printable classroom resources—as described below. Administrators and Teachers can set the audio support language for their students or download printable resources to use with their students.

Audio language support

The default language for audio in Imagine Español is Spanish. However, audio language support can also be set to English. When the language is changed to English, it strategically provides instructions and some feedback in English for specific activities. The goal is to maintain a balance between helping the student understand the activity while still driving them towards proficiency in Spanish and Spanish-language concepts.

Audio support scaffolds students in these ways:

  • Provides instructions to students in English the first time that the student works on an activity. For example, the Placement Test would explain to students how to complete the test in English, but still test them in Spanish.
  • Reviews vocabulary in English before teaching them new vocabulary in Spanish.


Previewing activities in Imagine Español explains how to preview an activity with English audio support.

Imagine Español gradually removes audio language support in English so that they gain confidence and proficiency in Spanish. When students whose accounts have been enabled for language support encounter an activity:

  1. The first time a student encounters an activity that includes audio language support, they automatically hear instructions on how to complete the activity in English.
  2. The second or third time the student encounters the same activity, they hear instructions on how to complete the activity in Spanish, but they can click the Translate icon in the taskbar to hear the instructions in English if they need audio language support.


  3. After the third time the student encounters that same activity, they hear instructions on how to complete the activity in Spanish and the Translate icon is disabled.

Printable classroom resources

Family letters, 10 Steps to Getting Started posters, class- and student-level session trackers, and achievement certificates are also available in English.


Locate these materials by navigating to Teacher Resources > Offline Resources > Home & Classroom Activities

Below are some example resources in English:

Family Letter:

Student Session Tracker:

Certificate of Completion: