Characters in Imagine Español

Lulú is Imagine Español's flagship character, always ready to help students uncover the wonders of the Spanish-speaking world with enthusiasm and curiosity.

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With the product's content expansion to Grades 3–5, new characters were created to accompany your students' learning adventures. Read more about them in the table below.

Character(s) Bio
Fox  Fox 1.png     ArmadilloArmadillo 1.png

Press Start and get ready to join Armadillo on an epic quest to find treasures untold! The pixelated path is perilous, which is why Armadillo looks to the sage advice of his friend Fox to help guide the way. Fox is wise in the ways of syllables and wants to make sure that visitors to his mountain never reach “Game Over.” With Armadillo’s acrobatics, combined with Fox’s foresight, players are sure to reach the summit!

Fun Fact: While taking visual cues from retro video games, Armadillo and Fox are also inspired by characters from Bolivian folklore. Their mountain home, as well as Armadillo’s stylish bowler hat, are also nods to Bolivia.

Imagine Español Activities: 
Fox and Armadillo are the heroes in the Acentuatión: práctica activities.


Meet Irma, the dynamic high-tech character with a magical touch! She seamlessly transforms from a magnifying lens to a thought bubble, and finally to a brilliant lightbulb that illuminates the path of inference-making for students. Irma is a whimsical guide who turns curiosity into clarity and sparks bright ideas along the way! Get ready for an adventure with Irma, where every morph brings a new perspective and a burst of imaginative brilliance.

Nifty Name Note: This character is named Irma (pronounced ear-ma) because the name starts with the letter "i" and serves as a mnemonic to help students remember that Irma assists in making inferences; thus, Irma Inferencias.

Imagine Español Activities: 
Look for Irma in the Haciendo inferencias activities.

vocabrinco_jelly_pink.png  Jelly

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Meet Jelly: a science experiment gone wrong on a mission to get reading right. Fresh from the lab, Jelly is a good slime who's always up for a good time, especially if it involves learning vocabulary! Jelly will bounce, stretch, splat, and launch itself into a new set of words. The topic doesn’t matter, Jelly is always flexible (a perk of being an amorphous blob).  Just remember: if a passage is giving you the blues, this is the ooze you want to choose! 

Fun Fact: In addition to being indestructible, Jelly can also change shape and color at will. The only thing that changes more frequently is Jelly’s favorite word.

Imagine Español Activities: 
Find Jelly in the Vocabulario de lectura activities.



When it comes to writing, you can’t just wing it. Fortunately, René is here to share a bird’s eye view of effective tools and strategies. With a beak for adventure, he soars through the skies in search of exciting new passages… and the occasional snack. Birds of a feather write together, and René is determined to help students’ writing skills take flight. 

Fun Fact: René is a royal flycatcher, a genus of bird known for its colorful crest, and can be found in several regions of South America.

Imagine Español Activities:
René stars in the Dictados activities.

Doña SoñaDona_Sona.png

Enter the enchanting world of Doña Soña, the wise and talented alebrije  (brightly colored Mexican folk-art sculptures of fantastical creatures). With vibrant colors and a musical touch, Doña Soña brings grammar to life. Her horns flutter with grammatical wisdom and her tail weaves through language intricacies. As the grammar guardian, she leads students on a fantastic journey. Join Doña Soña for an educational adventure where each lesson is a masterpiece painted with the hues of language magic!

Nifty Name Note: "Doña" is a courteous and respectful title in Spanish-speaking cultures, akin to "Mrs." or "Madam" in English. In choosing a name for our wise and talented teacher character, we opted for "Doña Soña" to add a touch of fun with its rhyming quality.

Imagine Español Activities:
Doña Soña presides over the Aventuras de vocabulario activities.