Viewing the leaderboard in Imagine Math 3+ (Students)

One component of Imagine Math 3+'s motivational strategy is the leaderboard. The leaderboard is located on the student's Home tab and displays leaders in lessons passed and THINK Points earned. The leaderboard updates every 15 to 30 minutes.


The leaderboard is available to Imagine Math 3+ students only; Imagine Math PreK-2 students will not have access to it.

To view the leaderboard (Students):

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. In the Class Leaders section at the bottom of the Home tab, click See All Leaders.
  3. The leaderboard opens to the Points Leaders tab. It displays up to 20 students in your class, school, and state that earned the most THINK Points this week. This portion of the leaderboard resets every Saturday night so you have a fresh start each week to earn a spot as a Point Leader.
  4. Click Passed Lessons Leaders to view up to 20 class, school, and state leaders in lessons passed. This is a running total for the whole school year.
  5. Click Back to Home to exit the leaderboard.mceclip0.png



Leaderboard rankings are specific to your assigned classroom. If your classroom changes, the class you are being placed into is considered new. Therefore, your prior classroom rank will not reflect in the new classroom.

Example: Daryl is in Classroom A, and is the 1st place Point Leader for his assigned classroom, school, and state. The following day Daryl is assigned to a different teacher's classroom, Classroom B. When Daryl logs into Imagine Math to check his Point Leader status, he notices that his name is only ranked in 1st place for school and state, but not his current classroom. This occurs because classroom rank is based on points earned while completing work within the currently assigned classroom. The points for the school and state rankings moved with Daryl when he changed classrooms.