Manually assigning a learning path to a student

Educators can manually place students on a learning path by assigning a student placement. 

When a student is placed above grade level, their learning path starts with prioritized on-grade level skills and continues through each grade level's prioritized skills to ensure they are getting the key concepts that will prepare them for higher grade level content. By doing this, we can confirm that they master skills from the grades that prepare them for the higher grade level. Keep in mind that adaptivity also works for this above-grade-level student. If they know the content and pass the first or second mastery check in the lesson, students can move on to the next lesson.

When a student is placed below grade level, Imagine MyPath presents a tailored learning path that focuses on essential grade-level skills through adaptive lessons. Utilizing Smart Sequencer™ technology and coherence mapping, the platform personalizes instruction to address learning gaps and build foundational proficiency. The adaptivity of Imagine MyPath ensures efficient progress, allowing students to focus on key concepts and progress once they demonstrate mastery, thus empowering them to bridge gaps, gain confidence, and succeed in their educational journey.

To manually assign a learning path

Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.

Teachers School Admins (One School) District/School Admins (2+ Schools)
Click the applicable class on the Classes screen.  teacher classHL.png

Continue with the following

  1. Choose Student Placement in the upper navigation. 
  2. Click more options ( more ) for a student, then select Edit Placement
    Alex's K-2_edit placementHL.png
  3. Choose the Select Grade drop-down list, select the placement grade for the given subject, and click Update.  
    Alex's K-2_edit placement_selgradeHL.png
  4. The student is assigned a learning path. 
    Alex's K-2_edit placement_assignedLP.png