Using student tools in MyPath

MyPath offers accommodations and tools to support students during their learning path. Certain tools are available within specific lessons, as needed. Additionally, there are tools that can be enabled in the student profile settings, granting access to those tools throughout the platform. These tools can be found at the bottom of the screen in the toolbar. They may be available during Mastery Checks or within individual lessons, providing students with additional assistance and resources as they progress through their educational content.


The availability of tools within MyPath is tied to the lessons, not a student's enrollment grade. Therefore, even if a student is enrolled in a higher grade level learning path, they will receive lessons from that specific grade level. Consequently, the tools associated with the corresponding grade level will be available to the student. For example, a Grade 5 student in a Grade 7 learning path will receive Grade 7 lessons and have access to the tools specifically designed for the Grade 7 lessons.

Tools and Accommodations

The following items are available within MyPath and cannot be turned on or off by educators.  

Tool Additional Notes Location Images


The calculators available are:

  • Grade 6 – Basic
  • Grades 7-8 – Scientific
  • Grades 9-12 – Graphing

The calculator tool appears in Math lessons and Mastery Checks when solving a question involves using a calculator.



Language Tools

Access to the following tools is available if enabled in Student Settings


  • Text-to-speech – Translates text verbally to students. Can be translated into additional languages
  • Language Translation Tools –Translates the text on the screen into the language selected from the page by the user. 
  • IEP – Individual Education Plan – select for reporting.
  • ELL – English Language Learner – select for reporting.
  • Spanish Language – Grades K-5 students receive Math lessons, the MyPath Math Assessment, and Science lessons in Spanish. Only MyPath Math K-5 provides Spanish language videos. 
  • MyPath Assessment – Students are prompted to take the MyPath Assessment for Math and/or Reading upon first logging into the system to be placed in a learning path. This assessment must be enabled at the district/school level before turning on or off at the student level. View the assessment schedule to identify how often the student is required to take the assessment. 
  • First Language - the student's native language.