Earning student rewards in Imagine MyPath

Imagine MyPath uses a star reward system to keep students engaged as they work through their lessons. As students complete lessons they are rewarded with stars that unlock levels containing customization items, avatars and backgrounds. 

Students have the opportunity to earn points for each lesson. Passing a Mastery Check in a lesson will award students with the maximum of 10 points. Students will still earn points if they fail a lesson. Students are not able to lose points they've already earned. Maximum total points for a lesson is 10 points. Students must pass the Mastery Check to achieve all 10 points. Completed activities and failed Mastery Checks are awarded 1 point. Points awarded for passing a Mastery Check is 10-x; x = number of points already awarded for prior completed activities or failed Mastery Checks in the lesson.

Completing a lesson by passing a Mastery Check = max 10 points

Completing a lesson by failing all Mastery Checks = 1 point for each activity and Mastery Check.

Passing a Mastery Check + previous points awarded for prior completed activities/Mastery Check = 10

Student messaging displays the correct start totals to students.

The maximum total points for any lesson is 10. Earning the maximum 10 points requires students to pass one Mastery Check. Thus, the points that will be earned from passing the Mastery Check depends on the number of activities that were completed leading up to the Mastery Check. For example:

SEL lessons- If there are two activities, Instruction and Supported Practice + Mastery Check the student will earn 10 points; 1 point from the Instruction and Supported Practice and 9 points for the Mastery Check

Math/Reading with 3 Mastery Checks and 3 Activities:

- Mastery Check 1 = 10 points

- Activity

- Mastery Check 2 = MC 8 points, 2 for MC 1 and Activity

- Activity

- Activity

- Mastery Check 3 = MC 5 points, 


Students can view their award points by clicking the Star icon next their name. This will display the number of stars and the level the student is on.


Students can earn rewards as they work through their learning path. Student have the opportunity to earn at least one star for each activity completed. Students can earn up to 10 stars for each lesson. To earn all 10 stars, students must pass the Mastery Check. Completing a lesson- by passing any Mastery Check awards 10 point.

Students can earn 1 point for



Students earn stars as they complete mastery checks throughout the K-5 lessons. No matter how the student performs in a mastery check, they will always earn at least one star — ultimately earning more as they show mastery of the skill or concept taught in the lesson. No stars will ever be lost or taken away because a student doesn't pass a mastery check. The rewards are cumulative across the Math and Reading enrollments. 

As students earn additional stars, new backgrounds and sidekicks (avatars) are unlocked so they can customize their learning experience. Students can check their status and items earned when they are logged in and click into the Fun Zone. As an educator, these pages will help show the students how to access this information:


How students unlock sidekicks (avatars) and backgrounds How students select a sidekick (avatars) and backgrounds once they have been unlocked