Implementing Imagine MyPath successfully

Teachers can assign students a Math path and a Reading/English Language Arts (ELA) path, and students still can work on both paths as they do now. However, students do not need to choose a goal area. The new sequencer prioritizes the work automatically so that students are only working in one goal, domain, or instructional area at a time. The work is sequenced based on a student's needs, and students no longer will see multiple goal folders to choose.

Listed below are some guidelines of recommended usage and implementation for Students and Teachers.


  • Should plan to spend a minimum of 30 minutes per week per subject. 
    • Students who are below grade level should spend 60-90 minutes per subject per week. 
  • Should complete a minimum of 1 lesson per week per subject.
  • Should spend 15-20 minutes per session working in the program.
  • Can use both reading and math as determined by their teacher to best meet their needs. 


  • Should spend approximately 30 minutes per week to review program data and plan next steps.
    • This can be either before students start work for the week, or after students have completed work for the week. More frequent/intermediate check-ins are possible, but optional.
  • Typical tasks include:
    • Checking that all students are meeting the minimum usage and completion goals.
    • Observing opportunities for small-group or whole-group follow up based on lesson performance.