Administering an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test

If you're a Teacher, you can administer an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test to your students. Here's a list of what to do before students log in to the testing center, how to introduce students to an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test, and what to do during an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test. If you run into problems during the test, check the Troubleshooting section for help.

A practice test is available to help acclimate students with the Benchmark Test interface. It is recommended that this practice test be given before the Benchmark Test. There are two forms of the Benchmark Test; one for grades K-1 with a simpler interface and another more advanced for grades 2+. Before initiating the practice test and Benchmark Test, you can show your students a short orientation video. Be sure to choose the appropriate video for the grade level and language of your students. 

K-1 Videos 2+ Videos
K-1 English Video
K-1 Spanish Video

Imagine Galileo Benchmark Tests are comprehensive assessment that assesses a variety of skills, depending on the assessments being administered. The results are used to measure student growth over time and can also be used to guide instruction based on student progress on specific standards. 

Imagine Galileo Benchmark Tests are administered during 3 different testing windows throughout the school year. The Beginning-of-Year Benchmark Test provides baseline data for each student. The Middle-of-Year and End-of-Year Benchmark Tests show student growth throughout the school year. Administrators must schedule the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test. Imagine Galileo Benchmark testing windows are determined by each individual organization.

In order to ensure the most accurate measurement of student capabilities, it is important to make sure students understand the purpose of the test and approach the test seriously. Sometimes students can become impatient and resort to guessing instead of reading passages or items. Encourage your students to take their time and do their best.

Before Logging In

Teachers Administrators
  1. Review Student Accounts: As part of your preparation, review student accounts, groups, and product access, to ensure students are properly set up to take an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test.
  2. Prepare your device or laptop hardware: Students taking an Imagine Galileo Benchmark test on a laptop or desktop computer should use computers that they are familiar with, if possible. Kindergarten-Grade 1 students will also need headphones to complete Imagine Galileo Benchmark Tests. For more information, see Imagine Galileo System Requirements.
  3. Print test materials: Download or print the test materials that include a teacher script and a copy of the testing instructions.


    As new students arrive in class, you'll need to schedule the test again for the class. The new students can then take the test, while those who have already taken it will not be able to retake it. If a new student arrives during an open testing window, the student can take the test at that time, without the test having to be scheduled again.


Here are some quick solutions to problems you might encounter when administering the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test.

My student doesn't hear any sound

Ensure the volume setting is turned up. Ensure the student's headphones are plugged into the right jack or USB port.

I lost Internet connectivity during the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test

If you lose Internet connectivity during the Benchmark Test, reconnect your device. This may also require restarting your student's device. Your student will automatically begin where they left off when the device lost its Internet connection. 

The computer froze while my student was taking the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test

If your student's computer freezes during the Benchmark Test, close the current browser window and log in to Imagine Galileo again. Your student will automatically begin where they left off when the computer froze.

The Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test doesn't appear in my student's test list

Make sure that your administrator has scheduled the Benchmark test before administering it to students. If your students do not see the practice test, check your calendar to ensure it has been scheduled.

My student gets a message that their test is locked

Check the Imagine Galileo Test Monitoring Report, then click the Lock icon (adminGalileoELALockIcon.png  ) to unlock the student's test.