Student Experience in Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark Test

As Grade 2+ students complete the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark Test, they will see different screens and hear different instructions. Recognizing these screens and instructions helps Teachers monitor when students start the Grade 2+ Galileo Benchmark Test, navigate the test, answer different test question types, and submit the test. Administrators must schedule the Grade 2+ Galileo Benchmark Test before students can take it.

Watch the short Getting Started with Imagine Galileo Benchmark Assessment video (English or Spanish) for more details.

The Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test may require more time to complete than other tests. Sometimes students can become impatient and guess the answers to test items instead of reading passages or test items thoroughly. Encourage your students to take their time and do their best work.

Students typically complete the test in 30-45 minutes; allow them as long as they need to complete the test. The Benchmark Test can be administered over multiple sessions if needed. If a student logs out of the Benchmark Test, their answers will be saved and they can resume the test the next time they log in. While students are taking the Benchmark Test, you can check your student's status using the Imagine Galileo Test Monitoring Report.

Starting the Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test

Students only assigned Imagine Galileo are automatically directed to the student homepage upon login. Students with multiple products must select the Galileo tile to access the Galileo Student Test Center and start the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test.

global login_studentHL.png

Once students visit the Imagine Galileo Student Test Center, they will choose the scheduled Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test.


Navigating the Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test

The Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test includes these navigational tools to help students effectively navigate the test.

Test Icon Description

Click Back to return to the previous question and Next to advance to the next question. Next turns green when the student answers the current question. 


Choose test items from the drop-down list to jump to that test item on the Benchmark Test.


studentExperienceIButton.PNG Click the Information icon to read the instructions for the test. 

Click the Review Tools icon (reviewToolSLA.png) to add a note to the current test item, use strikethrough to eliminate specific answer options, mark the current test item for review before submitting, or highlight the current test item.


The Question icon allows students to read instructions on how to use default tools such as adding a note to a test item, marking a test item for review, and highlighting a test item.

Students can also read instructions on how to use optional tools such as the dictionary, text-to-speech, test timer, zoom in/out, and calculator if these tools have been enabled for this test.


Optional tools cannot be enabled for the Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark Test if you used the Easy Benchmark Scheduler to schedule the test.

studentExp2ReviwButtonNew.png The Review icon lets students see the status of all the test questions, including answered questions, unanswered questions, and any questions they have marked for review. 
studentExp2ResetButtonNew.png Click the Reset button to reset any answers selected from a drop-down list.

Answering Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test questions

The Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test includes approximately 35 questions that use different question types. The following are some example question types that students may encounter.

Multiple Choice question type

Students read a passage and answer multiple-choice questions about the passage.


Customized Technology question type

After reading two different passages, students complete a chart comparing them and identify which passage details apply to one or both stories. 


Customized Technology question type

Students click on the word in a sentence that matches the instructions. studentExp5Definition.png

Drop-down question type

Students complete a sentence using words from each drop-down list.studentExp5DropDownBox.png

Submitting the Grade 2+ Imagine Galileo Imagine Benchmark Test

After students answer the last test question, they can review all the test questions to see which ones they have answered, not answered, or marked for review. After students have reviewed and answered all the test questions, they click Submit Test and then click Yes, submit test to confirm that they want to submit their test.