Testing interface and tools for Imagine Galileo students

Students: This article explains the buttons and tools that are at the top of the page when you take a test in Imagine Galileo. If you don't see one of these tools, it could mean that your teacher disabled it when they scheduled the test, so ask your teacher. 


The table below explains each navigation button. These are the buttons that help you move from question to question, take notes on questions (especially if you're thinking about an answer choice and want to come back to it later), and submit your answers.

Navigation Button Description

Magnifying glass with zoom capabilities of 1.0x up to 3.0x. Use this to make the text on your screen bigger.


test_instructions.png Opens a PDF of test instructions.
student_tools_help.png Opens a PDF that explains how to use the tools.
item.png The item number is the question number. Use the arrows to go back and forth between test questions, or click the drop-down arrow and then click on an item number and jump directly to it. 
Test_Completion.png Test Completion displays how many questions you have answered and the total number of questions on the test.

The menu ( stdtools_menu.png ) button contains additional tools.

  • Add a note lets you write a note to yourself.


  • Strikethrough is available for multiple-choice and extended multiple-choice test questions; use it to eliminate answer choices you know are incorrect. 


  • Mark (Unmark) for Review adds a yellow flag ( markforreviewflag.png  ) next to the item number on the Review Your Answers screen.



    Item numbers that are marked for review appear in yellow in the drop-down list and contain an asterisk.


    Unmark for Review removes the flag.


  • Use Turn on highlighting to highlight text in questions or item stems. To highlight information, left-click and drag the mouse over the text. Highlighted text is yellow.


    • To stop highlighting: select the menu (stdtools_menu.png ) button and choose Turn Off Highlighting.
    • To clear all highlighting: select the menu (stdtools_menu.png) button and choose Clear All Highlighting.
stdtools_view_item_notes.png The View Item Notes (view_item_notes.png) icon displays for items that contain saved notes. Only you can see your saved notes; your teacher cannot.



The timer, if turned on by your teacher, starts when you first access the test. 

If your teacher activated Allow Pause, you can pause the timer to display a break screen. Selecting Yes, pause my test! displays the homepage.  

Re-entering the test restarts the timer.


Clicking Review lets you confirm that you answered all the questions and reminds you of the questions you may have marked to come back to for review before you submit your test. You must click Review to get to the Submit Test button.


The table below explains each testing tool. The tools may help you understand the question better (such as the translation or audio tool) or give you some help answering it (such as the calculator or dictionary).

Tool Description

Google Translate translates questions, answer choices, and text passages into the language you pick. It also translates the names of the navigation buttons.


Displays the calculator.



Opens up a dictionary for you to look up the meaning of words and a thesaurus so you can find words with the same or similar meanings. 


The Text-to-Speech menu enables you to hear the test questions read out loud when you press the speaker. You have the option to hear only the question, only the options (the answer choices), or both. You can also stop (stdtools_stop_text.png ) or pause (stdtools_pause_text.png) Text-to-Speech. The audio is only available in English, even if you selected a different language in Google Translate.