Test instructions for administering Imagine Galileo 2+ tests

For details on printing test materials view Printing Imagine Galileo test materials.

You are about to start a test that will assist in placing you on your learning path. Before starting the test, carefully read and follow the instructions provided for each question. Once you have answered a question, click the green arrow ( updAdministering_Imagine_Galileo_2%2B_tests_greenarrow.png ) at the top of the screen to save your response and proceed to the next question.

After completing the test, you will be directed to the Review Your Answers page, which will display all the questions with their corresponding answers, those left unanswered, and flagged for review. Click the question mark ( question_mark.png ) to learn about the review and other test-taking tools. To edit or review your answers, click the desired question. When you have finished reviewing, click the Submit Test ( submit.png ) or Exit ( exit.png ) button.

If you leave the test without submitting it, you can return to the Review Your Answers page by clicking the Review (review.png) button when you reopen the test. Finally, to log out of the K-12 Student-Parent Center, click the Logout ( logout.png ) button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

As you take the test, you will encounter different types of testing elements and questions. The table below provides examples of these elements and questions.

Item Type Instructions
Administering_IG_2%2B_tests_multiplechoice_example.png Multiple choice example. Select either A, B, or C. 

Students receive a reading passage with an extended multiple-choice question that may have more than one correct answer.

Click on the checkbox next to all correct answers.

Administering_IG_2%2B_tests_dropdownlist_example.png Drop-down list example. Use the drop-down list to accurately complete the sentence.
Administering_IG_2%2B_tests_multipart_example.png Multi-part question example with two parts. Answer Part 1 before proceeding to Part 2.
Administering_IG_2%2B_tests_shanswessay_example.png Short answer/essay item example. Enter your response in the online textbox.



Buttons to use Text-to-Speech for reading passages and answer choices.


Technology-enhanced item example of drag and drop

Click on a planet and drag it to the box in which you want to place it.