Viewing Imagine Galileo's Intervention Group Scheduled Events Report

Administrators and Teachers can review the tests and other events they have scheduled for their Intervention groups by viewing the Intervention Group Scheduled Events report. You can view the report after you have created an Intervention Group or have created a Composite Intervention group.

To view an Intervention group scheduled events report

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Setup > School Information > Intervention Groups.


  3. Click Intervention Group Scheduled Events.


  4. Select the Library that houses the Intervention Group you would want to view events for.


  5. Select the Intervention Group for which you want to view events for.


  6. The list of scheduled events displays along with the date/time and completion rate. Click the trash icon ( trashIconIntGropList.png ) to delete the event. Click an Event Name to edit the test details.