Creating a Composite Intervention Group in Imagine Galileo

Users may combine various Intervention Groups into a single Intervention Group through the creation of Composite Intervention Groups. Before creating a Composite Intervention group you must first create an Intervention Group Library. The composite group tool allows you to run reports on any combination of variables. For example, you can combine your multilingual learner intervention group and your ESE intervention group. The Composite Intervention Groups you create are only usable by your user level and higher (e.g. Teachers and other class-level users will not have access to Intervention Groups created by a District Administrator or other district-level users). Once you have created a Composite Intervention Group you can edit or delete the group, or view a list of scheduled events for each intervention group that you create.

To create a Composite Intervention Group

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Setup > School Information > Intervention Groups.


  3. Select the applicable Library.


  4. Click Add composite intervention group.


  5. Enter a Name for your composite set.


  6. Select the Library that houses the applicable set to include in your composite.


  7. Double-click the intervention group to select the groups that will make up the composite set you are building.libraryDCIG.png
  8. Click Save Group.