Understanding Imagine Galileo Intervention Groups

All Imagine Galileo users can create Intervention Groups. Intervention Groups allow teachers and other staff in your organization to group students with similar abilities for instruction and assessment purposes.

District Administrators can create Intervention Groups from students from all schools, specific schools, or specific classes. School Administrators can create Intervention Groups for their schools and individual classes. Teachers can create Intervention Groups within their classes. 

Imagine Galileo Intervention Groups help facilitate classroom interventions as well as site and organizational interventions. Intervention Groups are not only helpful for implementing interventions, but grouping students can also be beneficial for data analysis. Users can also combine various Intervention Groups into a single Intervention Group by creating a Composite Intervention Group. The composite group report allows you to run reports on any combination of variables. (e.g. you can combine your multilingual learner intervention group and your ESE intervention group together.)

In addition to being able to manually create Intervention Groups based on organizational initiatives and student achievement, Imagine Galileo automatically creates intervention group(s) from the Intervention Alert Report, Risk Level Report, and Student Growth and Achievement data. You can manage both manually and automatically created Intervention groups. Once you have created either an Intervention Group or Composite Intervention Group you can view a list of scheduled events for each intervention group that you create