Understanding Imagine Galileo Pre-Built Formative Tests

Imagine Galileo offers District Administrators, School Administrators, and Teachers pre-built English Language Arts, and Math pre-built libraries where they can access pre-built formative tests to assign to their students. The pre-built formative tests can be used to assess initial instruction or to continue monitoring students’ mastery of essential standards. MAZE Reading Fluency tests are used to measure students’ reading fluency and track their proficiency over time.

The Galileo formative tests are contained in theme-based, grade-level libraries. Each formative test contains 1-10 items related to the selected concept. Use the tabs below to view a list of Imagine Learning pre-built libraries from which to access pre-built formative tests.

ELA Math
  • Formatives: Audio (K-1)

  • Formatives: Conventions (2-5)

  • Formatives: Conventions (6-8)

  • Formatives: Phonics & Phonemic Awareness (2-5)
  • Formatives: Grammar & Usage (2-3)

  • Formatives: Grammar & Usage (4-5)

  • Formatives: Grammar & Usage (6-8)

  • Formatives: Literature (2-5)

  • Formatives: Literature (6-8)

  • Formatives: MAZE Fluency (by Lexile)

  • Formatives: Nonfiction (2-5)

  • Formatives: Spelling (2-8)

  • Formatives: Vocabulary (2-5)

  • Formatives: Vocabulary (6-8)