Using the Imagine Galileo Quiz Builder

Administrators and Teachers can use the Imagine Galileo Quiz Builder to automatically create a quiz that will contain up to 5 items for each standard that you choose. If you want to create an assessment that contains more than 5-items per standard, or more than ten total items, consider using the Imagine Galileo Test Builder.


Once you have created a quiz, you can edit the quiz name, scheduled date, and time. You cannot edit the standards used to create the test.

To use the Quiz Builder

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Click Assessment > Test Construction > Quiz Builder.


  3. (Optional) Click the Library drop-down to select the library that contains the applicable intervention group to schedule a quiz. Click the Intervention Group drop-down box to create the applicable quiz.


  4. Choose Click here to create quiz(zes).


  5. Use the drop-down lists to select the Subject and Concept for which to create a quiz.


  6. Check the box next to the Standards you'd like to include in your quiz. Click Select Standards. The selected standard(s) move to the Selected Standards box on the right of the screen.


  7. Click Add Standards To Quiz.


  8. The Quizzes tab opens. Use the Library drop-down list to select a library location for the quiz.


    If you are scheduling quizzes for a teacher and you would like the teacher to see the results, be sure to save the quiz in a library to which the teacher has Read-Only Write permission.


  9. Use the Content Subject drop-down list to select a subject for the quiz.


  10. (Optional) Check the Include technology-enhanced items box.


    A quiz that includes technology-enhanced items must be administered online.


  11. Select the date and times you would like to have students take the quizes. (This information may be changed once the quiz is generated.)


  12. Click Generate Quizzes. A quiz generates for each standard.


    Once quizzes are generated, standards can no longer be added.


  13. Enter a name for the quiz In the Quiz Name box. Quiz names are limited to 50 characters including spaces.


    Imagine Learning recommends changing the quiz name from the default name to something more specific before saving (e.g. “HS.N.RN.A.1 Q” to denote the high school standard N.RN.A.1 and the “Q” to indicate a quiz).


  14. Choose Schedule for classCreate a new intervention Group, or Select an existing intervention Group. If you choose Schedule for class or Select an existing Intervention Group, use the drop-down boxes to select the class or Intervention Group that you want to assign the test to and skip to step 19. If you choose Create a new intervention group, click Intervention group builder. You will need to create a new Intervention Group.quizBuilder13.png
  15. (Optional) Click Post student scores on and/or Post Student Responses.  If you choose Post student scores on, you must select a date for scores to be posted in the K-12 Student-Family Center. If you choose Post Student Responses, students will be able to view each test item along with their responses in the K-12 Student-Family Center.


  16. Click Schedule Quizzes.


  17. You'll receive a confirmation message.