Viewing THINK Points in Imagine Math 3+ (Students)

Imagine Math 3+ students can use the THINK Points Ledger to track their THINK Points. This feature allows students to access their THINK Points transaction history for the school year and see how many points they earned and redeemed. The Home tab also contains THINK Point data.


  • The THINK Points Transaction Ledger reports in UTC time. This may differ from local times in other reports.
  • Students may see more THINK Points in their accounts than their teacher sees in the Usage report. This is because the Usage report contains points earned in lessons but does not include points earned during contests. The student view reflects both lesson points and motivation points. 


THINK Points apply only to Imagine Math students in Grades 3 and up. Imagine Math PreK-2 students do not earn THINK points.

To view THINK Points (Students):

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math student dashboard.
  2. The Home tab opens with several data points about your THINK Points. 
    THINK Points Earned in Lesson – The points you've earned so far in your current lesson. If you haven't started the lesson yet, this will be 0.
    THINK Points This Year – This is a grand total of the points you've earned this year. All of the points you earned in all lessons combined will add up to this total.
    THINK Points to Spend – This is the amount of points you have to spend right now. It is your THINK Points This Year minus the THINK Points you've already spent on avatar items, charity donations, and contributing toward the classroom goal. The number of THINK Point you have to spend also displays to the left of your name.
  3. Click View your Think Points history
  4. The record of points earned and spent displays. Click Back to exit the ledger.