Setting up and using ClassLink for automated rostering

ClassLink is a third-party service that connects your district's Student Information Systems (SIS) with Imagine Learning products. ClassLink provides these services:

  • Roster creation for Imagine Learning products: ClassLink synchronizes roster data with your district SIS and uploads it to Imagine Learning using an SFTP connection or the OneRoster 1.1 API format. Administrators can determine what roster data is shared with Imagine Learning and which data they prefer.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) access to Imagine Learning products: ClassLink provides Imagine Learning with student or staff identity information for Single Sign-On (SSO). Single Sign-On allows your students and staff to log in to ClassLink and automatically access Imagine Learning products from the ClassLink Launchpad without having to log in separately.


You can use ClassLink for roster creation, but you don't have to use ClassLink for SSO as well.


Your district SIS is the authoritative source for your synced data. If you sync data from your district SIS with Imagine Learning products, it overrides any previously synced data. If you manually add data to your Imagine Learning products, that data is not overwritten when you sync with the district SIS.

To configure ClassLink for roster creation and SSO

  1. Contact your Imagine Learning Customer Success Manager to let them know you'd like to integrate with ClassLink.
  2. Work with the Imagine Learning Experience Operations team to make sure that you configure ClassLink correctly to work with Imagine Learning products.
  3. Use the ClassLink Roster Server Console to configure ClassLink to export your roster data: 
  4. OneRoster API connection.
    • Provide the Application Key, Application Secret, and API URL to your Technical Systems Engineer during the Kickoff Call.
    • They will set up the data pull on our end.
      Now your roster data can be securely uploaded to Imagine Learning.
  5. If you're using ClassLink for SSO, use the ClassLink Management Console to assign Imagine Learning products.

    Now when students click a product icon on the ClassLink LaunchPad, they are automatically logged in to Imagine Learning products.