Student experience in the Reading Level Assessment (RLA) in Imagine Language & Literacy


This article only applies to organizations who have chosen the default embedded Benchmarks as their placement/assessment method in Imagine Language & Literacy and who have enabled the Reading Level Assessment for their students. This article does not apply to students taking the Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark or the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment. 

As students take the Reading Level Assessment (RLA) in Imagine Language & Literacy, they see screens and hear instructions that explain the testing process. These notifications indicate that students are in the process of taking the RLA.


  • To ensure that students receive an accurate Lexile® measure, students should not receive any assistance while taking the RLA. 
  • Students may take approximately 10 to 60 minutes to complete the test depending on their skill level. Assessments can be broken up over multiple testing sessions.
  • If students have language support enabled, they will receive instructions for the Reading Level Assessment in the language indicated in their student profile.

Starting the Reading Level Assessment

Upon their next login after the RLA is enabled (and after finishing the Placement/Benchmark test, if both were enabled simultaneously), eligible students see the green Booster loading screen followed by a video that introduces the test and instructs students to work through the questions and choose answers.
Student screen
At the end of the video, students hear the standard test introduction: “This is a test... so do your best.” Then students see the screen below and hear an introduction specific to the Reading Level Assessment.  


Students are again shown how to work through the questions and choose answers. They are then asked to answer a short practice test question. Afterwards, some final testing advice displays. 


After clicking the checkmark at the bottom of these reminders, the test begins with the first reading exercise. The "Testing in progress" indicator remains in the bottom left corner of the screen throughout the duration of the test. 


Students are given questions based on their grade level and reading ability, so not all students see the same questions.

At any point during the test, students can use the Pause button to temporarily stop or log out of the test. When they resume the test, it starts where they left off.

When the test completes, students hear an audio message that they have finished, and then the Booster Bits screen displays. 


Once students collect their Booster Bits and click the checkmark at the bottom of their screen, they're returned to their regular Imagine Language & Literacy lessons.