Setting a classroom goal in Imagine Math 3+

As Imagine Math 3+ students work through lessons, they earn THINK points which can be redeemed to donate to charity, design their avatar, or donate to classroom goals. This article explains how to set up a classroom goal, such as a pizza party or movie day, to motivate your students.

In order for students to contribute to classroom goals, both of the following criteria must be met:

  1. An Administrator or Teacher must first create the goal and establish the number of points needed to reach the goal. If a goal has not been set, when students go to their Redeem tab, they will only be presented with two options: Design Your Avatar and Give to Charity. They will not have the option to "Give to Your Class" until after the classroom goal has been created.
  2. Students must have at least 1,000 THINK Points to be eligible to donate to the classroom goal. 


There can only be one active goal at a time per class, and student donations may take up to 24 hours to appear in the teacher dashboard. If a student is in multiple classrooms, they won't be able to donate to a classroom goal until they have worked through at least one lesson in a pathway that has been assigned in the class for which the goal was created.


Classroom goals apply to Imagine Math 3+ users only, not PreK-2 users.

To create a classroom goal:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. Click Motivation > Classroom Goals.


  3. Click Manage Classroom Goals.


  4. Choose a goal from the Goal drop-down menu and a points value from the Points drop-down menu.


  5. Click Create. 


  6. After a goal has been created, the Create button changes to Edit.


  7. The goal will display on your dashboard in the Classroom Goals section and students can now contribute THINK Points toward the goal.


If your students do not reach 100% of the classroom goal by the end of the school year, the already donated points will be forfeited.