Student screens in Imagine Language & Literacy

Here are common screens your students will encounter while using Imagine Language & Literacy.

Multi-Product Login Screen

Students accessing the program via use the Students tab to log in.

Product Selection Screen

Students assigned to more than one product see all products assigned to them and must click a tile to start a session. 

Benchmark and Placement Test Introduction and Testing Conclusion Screen

When a student begins an assessment, they see this screen with accompanying audio saying, "This is a test. Do your best!" Students also see this screen at the conclusion of testing.  


Student screen


Placement and Benchmark Test in Progress Notification 

A Booster icon and the words "Testing in Progress" display in the bottom left corner of the screen throughout the duration of the Benchmark and Placement assessments.  When students complete the test, the icon and text are removed. 


Reading Level Assessment Screen

Students starting the Reading Level Assessment see this screen.

Student screen

Inactive Student Session

Users see this screen when the app is waiting for student input. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the student is automatically logged out. Usage time in the Usage report will not include the 10 minutes this screen was shown.

Student screen

Something Went Wrong Screen

This screen displays when a network request couldn't complete. Click More Info in the bottom right corner of the screen to get more insight into what went wrong.

Student screen

Pause Screen

Students who click Pause (mceclip0.png) in the bottom left corner of their screen while working on an activity are shown the following screen, which tracks their daily and weekly usage.

For students with only one assigned product, the screen looks like this:

Clicking Continue takes students back to Imagine Language & Literacy. Clicking Logout ends the student's session and logs them out.

For students with more than one product, the screen looks like this:

Clicking Continue takes students back to Imagine Language & Literacy. Clicking Back to Home ends the student's session and returns them to the Product Portal; from there, they can log out or select a different product to work in.

Rating Screen

After completing some activities, students are asked to provide feedback on how well they liked the activity by selecting the corresponding number of stars.

End of Session Screen

Students who complete their assigned session time are shown the End of Session screen. On this screen, they see a summary of what they learned during that session and a breakdown, by color, of how many Booster Bits they earned. 

Student screen

End of Content Screen

When a student completes all assigned content for their rostered grade level, including Guided Review Mode lessons, they encounter this screen with suggested next steps.

Student screen


End of Program Screen

When a student completes (and/or skips) all content for all grade levels, they see this screen to let them know they have finished the entire program.
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