How students earn rewards in Imagine Language & Literacy

Students who successfully complete Imagine Language & Literacy activities can earn Booster Bits (to spend on customizing their avatar), visit the Imagine Museum exhibits and games, and level up—which unlocks new exhibits in the Imagine Museum.

Earning Booster Bits

Booster Bits can be awarded manually by teachers and automatically by the program. Teacher-awarded Booster Bits are given based on the student's effort in a Portfolio activity and are seen by the student the next time they log in to Imagine Language & Literacy. Program-awarded Booster Bits are based on student performance in Imagine Language & Literacy activities and assessments and are delivered when a student completes the activity. In many cases, questions map one-to-one with the opportunity to earn Booster Bits. When students answer questions, and the progress indicator dot turns green (correct on the first attempt), yellow (correct, but not on the first try), or red (incorrect), this equates to an earned Booster Bit of the same color.

More information on Booster Bits is included here:

Color Value How students earn Booster Bits
Purple 50 points

Periodically, when students answer questions correctly they are awarded a green Booster Bit that randomly turns purple to help keep them engaged, incentivize correctly answering questions, and make receiving Booster Bits more exciting. The purple Booster Bits also accelerate a student's ability to level up.

Blue 30 points Blue bits are awarded when students answer every question correctly in an activity.
Green 20 points

Green bits are typically awarded when students answer questions correctly on the first attempt. Only green Booster Bits have the ability to randomly turn purple to help keep students engaged.

Silver 20 points

Students only receive silver Booster Bits when teachers award them through the Portfolio for their writing or audio recording artifacts.


Students must use Imagine Learning app version 1.100 or later to see teacher-awarded Booster Bits. If Booster Bits are awarded to students during a session, students may not receive them immediately but will see them the next time they log in.

Yellow 10 points

Yellow bits are generally awarded when students answer questions correctly but not on the first try.

Orange Varies

Orange bits are awarded based on student performance. The value of orange Booster Bits varies based on the activity. For example, the Vocab Dash activity awards students orange Booster Bits for the amount of fruit collected in the activity.


Orange Booster Bits are not available for all activities.

Red 0 points

Red bits, though valued at 0, are generally awarded when students  do not answer the question correctly. This ensures that each question in the completed activity is represented in the bit collection.

Students can collect earned Booster Bits by hovering over them. If no action is taken, Booster Bits are collected automatically.


  • Not every Imagine Language & Literacy activity provides students the opportunity to earn Booster Bits.
  • Booster Bits collected and purchased are shared between Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español. When students who are rostered in both products switch between Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español, their level, Booster Bits, and purchased items show in the product they are currently in.
  • Imagine Learning resets the number of Booster Bits, student avatars, levels, and any purchased assets for all Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español students before the start of each school year.

Visiting the Imagine Museum

After earning 1,000 Booster Bits, students qualify to go to the Imagine Museum to play games and visit the exhibits they've unlocked.

Students are awarded 90 seconds for each visit to the Imagine Museum for most activities. If students are in the middle of an activity, the program waits until the action is completed before logging the student out (for example, in Mazel Coaster, students are allowed to finish their roller coaster ride). If a student skips the opportunity to visit the Imagine Museum, they must earn another 1,000 Booster Bits in order to visit again.

Imagine Museum exhibits

Exhibit Description

Character Builder

Students create and customize their own avatar. Students unlock this exhibit the first time they visit the Imagine Museum.

Mazel Cannon

Students see how far they can shoot a Mazel from a cannon. Students unlock this exhibit the first time they visit the Imagine Museum.

Monkey Business

Students customize a natural habitat for Monkey. Students unlock this exhibit when they reach Level 7.

Smoothie Operator

Students make a fruit smoothie for Monkey. Students unlock this exhibit when they reach Level 13.

Mazel Mine

Students customize a Mazel, a cart, and a roller coaster, then go for a rollercoaster ride through a mine. Students unlock this exhibit when they reach Level 19.

Leveling Up

A museum trip and a new level (level up) are achieved each time 1,000 Booster bits are earned, even if students skip their visit to the museum. Once in the Imagine Museum, students can see what level they're on by viewing the Level Bar in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Rewards screen also shows the student's current level.

When students level up, they may unlock a new Imagine Museum exhibit or new avatar accessory options within an Imagine Museum exhibit.


A student’s Booster Bits balance doesn't correlate with their Imagine Museum level because it doesn't include the value of the Booster Bits the student spent while playing previous museum activities.