Printing a Certificate of Completion in Imagine Language & Literacy

The Certificate of Completion in Imagine Language & Literacy is presented to students in-program when they complete their grade-level content. If the student exits out of the certificate before printing it, Teachers and Administrators can access and print a generic certificate from the Teacher Resources page.

To print Completion Certificates:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click Teacher Resources.

  3. The page opens in a new tab. Hover over Offline Resources and select Classroom Resources.
  4. Click Achievement certificates and stickers (or scroll to the bottom of the page).
  5. Click the name of the appropriate certificate. They are available in English and Spanish.
  6. Type in the desired information, then click the download or print icon as desired.


This is an editable PDF. You can also award this for any reason you'd like, such as achieving a usage goal.